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Take 400 N. out of Toronto.  Outside Barrie, you will take Hwy. 11 N.  Stay on 11 until North Bay.  From North Bay, take Hwy. 63 to Quebec.  Hwy. 63 becomes Hwy. 101 in Quebec.  Crossing into Quebec you will come to an Arret sign; turn left.  At this point you can continue into Temiscaming, or you can bypass the town.  To bypass, at the first road turn right (Shell station on corner).  You will come to a four-way stop in Letang (Candienne Hotel on corner); turn right. If you need to stop in Temiscaming, continue on Hwy. 101.  Hwy. 101 will take you to the same four-way stop in Letang; continue straight.  From the four-way stop you will drive 5 miles to the town of Kipawa.

More detailed driving instructions will be mailed to you with your paid reservation form.



Tackle to Consider:

  • Hot-N-Tots (Smaller size).  Hot colors of late have been the solid orange, bright yellow, silver/black, silver/blue, and silver/green.

  • Jig heads.  Vary your size.  Use the smallest weight possible for the conditions.  The Aberdeen hook type will help with loosening snags.  Match the head color with the lure colors above.  Leeches and worms both work great with the leech edging out the nightcrawler.
  • Spoons like the Little Cleo and the William's Whitefish are great for the Northern bite.  Remember when going for the Northern to use a wire leader.
  • Some customers are still using the gang trolling blades (christmas trees) with a salted minnow or lure like the Hot-N-Tot for lake trout early in the season while they are relatively shallow.  Down-riggers are beneficial later as the trout go deeper.
  • A quality 6 1/2' to 7' rod coupled with a quality reel will be greatly appreciated when battling a big fish. I recommend baitcasting for trolling and casting lures and spinning for your live bait rigs.
  • Quality 10lb test line is sufficient when spooled on a quality reel with proper drag setting.  Some spool up with lines heavier for their peace of mind, but heavier lines may affect depth of troll and live bait jigging.
  • Good quality snap swivels.
  • Remember to keep your hands and tackle free from insect repellents, gasoline, and other scents that turn off fish.

Items to Bring:

  • Fishing gear
  • Prescribed meds
  • Food
  • Insect repellent or bug jacket
  • Kitchen matches for camp fires
  • Flashlight
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain gear
  • First Aid Kit
  • Good digital camera
  • Clothing for warm and cool days
  • Coolers to take out your limits of fish
  • Wash cloth & towels (Hot Central Shower)

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